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Frequently Asked Questions About Mendurance

What is the recommended dosage for Mendurance?

We recommend taking 2 capsules with a glass of water to achieve a bulging erection within 20-30 minutes of use.

How many pills in each box?

Each box contains 12 pills. Assuming you take one recommended dose every 4 days a bottle will last one month.

What are the ingredients in Mendurance?

Mendurance is an amazing blend of 12 natural ingredients!

Why do you recommend Mendurance over prescription drugs for Male Enhancement?

The most important issue is that it is 100% safe and still just as effective! It is also much cheaper! Finally, it does not act to only increase blood flow to the penis, as it increases your natural sex drive.

Are there any side effects?

A strong majority of users will have absolutely no side effects. A small percentage (~5%) of users will experience mild head flushing due to the strong blood circulation triggered by Mendurance's active ingredients. However, this symptom will disappear after a couple of uses of the supplement.

Is Mendurance safe to use with alcohol?

Yes- Mendurance is completely safe to use with alcohol. This doesn't mean that we recommend or condone the use of alcohol.

Does it work for everyone?

Our data indicates that about 95% of men will experience the desired effects from our supplement.

I only suffer erectile problems on rare occasion. Will Mendurance help me?

Definitely! Whatever the cause of your intermittent ED issues, having Mendurance is the perfect supplement to avoid your rare embarrassing moments.